The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to insure that the overall appearance of the neighborhood is maintained to promote harmony as well as property values. Modifications may be made to the homes in Harts Place only with approval of the Architectural Control Committee. The current ACC members are:

George Clarke

Kathy Davari

Cheryl Walker

The ACC has created the following guidelines outlining proper maintenance and appearance.
Article VI, Section 2 (a) of the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (CCR&Es) states that each owner is responsible for keeping their property (lot, structure and landscaping) in good condition and repair. The CCR&Es give discretion to the Board and the Architectural Control Committee to determine the property standards.

For clarification of these standards, the Board has adopted the following description of proper landscaping care requirements:

  1. Lawns – front, side, and rear – should be regularly fertilized, weed-free, edged monthly, and mowed weekly or at a sufficient frequency to maintain a height not to exceed 4”. During autumn and winter, fallen leaves should be removed from the yard weekly.
  2. Plant beds must be kept fresh looking by maintaining neat edges, keeping well mulched, preventing intrusion of weeds and grass, providing sufficient moisture, keeping shrubs pruned per customary pruning standards common throughout the neighborhood and removing dead or unhealthy plants.
  3. Yard debris like grass clippings, dead limbs, rocks, and leaves should be placed curbside the night before scheduled trash pickup.
  4. Ground cover must consist of pine straw, natural or color pine back, or cedar mulch. Decorative rock is not acceptable ground cover. Ground cover shall be kept fresh, cover entire area where applied, and be of consistent color and type throughout.
  5. Tree wells should be weed free and hold ground cover.
  6. No vegetable or fruit plants (e.g. corn or tomato plants) are allowed in the front or side yards.

In addition, proper maintenance of each house includes:

  • The repairing and painting (or other appropriate external care) and otherwise caring for the dwelling and all other structures located on the lot.
  • The maintenance, painting and repair of all fences on the lot.
  • All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed (no less frequently than weekly) and shall not be allowed to accumulate.
  • No artificial vegetation or plastic animal decorations on the exterior of any property.


The most frequent requests for modifications are for driveway replacement, mailbox remodeling and fences. Below are pictures showing the types of modifications that are generally approved. (Note: The examples shown below do not eliminate the requirement of submitting a modification request for approval. Also, the City of Chamblee requires permitting for fence construction and/or fence post replacement.)

Original style - all houses
Original brick - brick houses
Original stone - stucco houses
Original stucco - stucco houses
Original brick - brick houses
Original stone - stucco houses